Download Technology Business Intelligence Applications Freeware

Business Intelligence ScreenSaver  v.1.1

Symbiosis Technology Business intelligence applications and technologies can enable organizations to make more informed business decisions, and they may give a company a competitive advantage. For example, a company could use business intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance Monitoring Management Pack  v.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance Monitoring Management Pack

JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite  v.1.0

The JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite provides integrated reporting, analysis, and data integration to make faster, better decisions. * Integrated or stand-alone * Analytic & operational data integration * Embeddable with ERP or CRM

Java Open Business Intelligence  v.1.0

The Jobi project is a web software platform that let's you define easly and without programming, portal applications. It serves as a front-end of any source of data in an enterprise environment. You define the presentation defined from components.

StatFork Business Intelligence  v.1.0

StatFork is a statistical analysis API and reporter.

Business Intelligence (BI) for DBAs  v.1.0

Reporting solution that collects data from multiple MySQL databases and presents important metrics and reports related to performance and usage.

Iguana - Business Intelligence  v.0.06

The Iguana is a BI solution generation data management and decision making for Open Sources systems used worldwide and Commercial Systems used in Brazil.

ImpactEdge  v.3.2

ImpactEdge is a Business Intelligence & Analytics application that collates, analyses and presents information. It is created for the business user, as it is intuitive and easy to use. It provides a non-technical user interface and operates with

VIKAMINE  v.2.0 Pre1 / 1.9

VIKAMINE was designed like an integrated system for visual analytics, business intelligence and data mining. The application features several powerful and intuitive visualizations complemented by fast automatic mining methods.

Performance Intelligence  v.1.0

The objective of the Performance Intelligence project is to apply business intelligence strategy, techniques and tools to computer system performance analysis using open source business intelligence tools.

Calpont InfiniDB Community  v.rc

InfiniDB Community is a scale-up, column-oriented database for data warehousing, analytics, business intelligence and read-intensive applications. InfiniDB's data warehouse columnar engine is multi-terabyte capable and accessed via

ODBIS  v.1.0

The aim of ODBIS project is to offer an On Demand Business Intelligence Services Platform. Thus, ODBIS platform constitutes a future perspective to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model for Business Intelligence (BI)

InfiniDB Community Edition  v.2.0

Developed by Calpont, InfiniDB Community Edition provides a scale-up analytics database engine for your data warehousing, business intelligence and read-intensive application needs.

Pentaho BI Platform  v.3.8.3

Pentaho is the open source business intelligence leader.

Collections MAX  v.1.6

Collections MAX is a FREE multi user Windows based debt collection software suite designed for collection agencies and attorney offices. Collections MAX can completely automate your debt collection accounts using user defined business intelligence.

AlphaControls Lite Edition  v.4.64

A package of standard and unique skinable VCL's for professional UI design developmet using \AlphaSkins\. AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications.

Izenda Ad Hoc - Express Edition  v.4.0

Izenda Ad Hoc - Agile Business Intelligence for ASP.NETLiberate Your Organization's Relational Data Today!Izenda Ad Hoc empowers business users to directly explore relational data from a web browser. * Intuitive and Completely Web-Based AJAX Report

AdventNet SNMP Agent For Linux  v.1.0

The Linux Operating System is becoming the popular open source operating systems in the world. With large number of active installations, Linux operating system has become the core of many high volume, business-critical applications. It becomes

Active Dashboard  v.2.3.2

Snippets provides your employees and partners with the specific information they need faster and more effectively than browser-based enterprise portals or business intelligence solutions. At-a-glance notification Snippets provides notification

Ad-ology  v.1.0

Ad-ology 1.0 is released with an aim to be a reliable and useful tool for subscribers to search the vast database of business intelligence for advertising/marcom agencies and display the latest industry news and marketing research.Requirements: Mac

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